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Panelist Log In Help

First off, we thank you for becoming a Bryles Research Panelist! We would like to offer assistance to Panelists that are having issues navigating around our site, so we have created this help page. If there is something that we did not cover, you can email us at anytime at and we will be happy to assist and make additions.

Frequently asked questions

How do I register to be a Bryles Research Panelist?

Smartphone Answer:

If you are accustomed to using a PC, this may look a little different, but essentially it is the same. If you are new to the database and would like to register, click *click here* which is illustrated below and continue through the process:


PC Answer:


How do I confirm my study online?

Smartphone Users:

Once scheduled for a study, you will see it appear under *next session*:


If you scroll down you will see the confirmation link. Touch the word “confirm”:


You’ll notice the grayed out check mark, touch that:


Once the gray check mark appears, hit continue and you are confirmed:


For PC Users:


When you are scheduled for a study, you will see not only the study number, date and time but also the word confirm will appear as pictured above. Click on the word confirm and you will be brought to the confirmation page.


You will need to check the box next to the study number and hit continue as pictured below.


You will then return to your portal page.

How do I update my contact information?

PC Users:

If you are using a PC, you click the Contact Update as shown above and change any information that has changed on the page that follows. Once finished click continue and you will be brought back to the portal page above.


Smartphone Users:

If you are using a phone to update, touch contact update as illustrated and it will walk you through all of your contact information and allow you to make any changes. Once finished, you will be brought back to you study portal.


How do I cancel my appointment online?


As seen above, you will see your appointment. Click the Study number and you will be taken to the next step.


Make sure to click the button/circle next to “I can’t participate in this study” and hit continue.


You will need to confirm your cancelation one more time to ensure it was not done by mistake. Click the button/bubble as shown above and hit continue. You have now successfully canceled your study.

How do I change my session time online?


Click the study number of the study that you are scheduled for.


Click the button/bubble as pictured above “I wish to change my scheduled participation date” and hit continue.


You will then be shown the times that are still available for the study. Please note the date that you are choosing as well, (sometimes we have studies that are taking place over the course of a few days), and select the time you wish to attend and hit continue. You have now successfully rescheduled your study date/and or time.